Variantz is a Unified & Secured Cloud Services Provider for Homes & Real Estates.

Our innovative platform taps on the power of Contextual Intelligence, Hyper Reality, and Internet of Everything (IoE) to establish an ecosystem of connectivity including technologies and processes employed across all Cloud Applications, Smart Appliances, and Autonomous Devices.

We empower you the ability to Connect, Engage, Collaborate, and gain insights to your homes and estate community, improving simplicity, productivity, efficiency, and greater user experience.

Introducing Reziden, a cloud-based platform designed to bring together Home Owners, Residents, Estate Management, and Property Developers.  Reziden platform gives you the power to Connect, Engage and Collaborate across various user segment anywhere, any time, on any device.

Synergizing Technology-Environment-People, Reziden brings to reality the ability to enable unlimited device connectivity and integration, giving you simpler ways to access, control, and manage your home and estate.  With the adoption of predictive analysis, Reziden is the first platform of its kind in the market to immerse predefined user settings with dynamic social variables.  Simply put, you now get to optimize how you engage with your home and surrounding not just with your preferences, but additional enhancements recommended from those around you.

Key Features & Capabilities of Reziden Platform

Through our modular, customizable and personalized setup, Reziden ensures every resident and the estate management has access to core features and capabilities, and be up and running in the shortest amount of time.  Best of all, you can get your Reziden without any technical knowledge.  Just point-and-click and Reziden will handle the rest for you.

Reziden is not only a cloud-based application, it is a growing platform for Home & Living effectively addressing the fundamental gaps not covered by standard applications ranging from operation continuity to digital security.



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